Professional Render Cleaning Service in Blackpool – Lancashire: A Case Study

As experienced render cleaning experts serving Lancashire, we regularly help homeowners restore and protect their exteriors render from the impacts of the region’s temperate oceanic climate. The frequent rainfall, humidity, and sea air lead to ideal conditions for algae and mould growth on render walls. Hard water also commonly leaves behind unsightly stains.

However, with professional cleaning and protection, render can be safely restored and maintained even in challenging coastal conditions. Here is an example of a recent render cleaning project in the Lancashire – Blackpool area:


Restoring Holiday Rental – Render Cleaning in Blackpool

Recently, we cleaned and sealed the render on Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s holiday rental property. The Smiths contacted us with concerns about the significant algae and hard water staining on the rental’s multi-storey rendered walls, especially the shady northern-facing sides. With the busy spring/summer rental season approaching, they wanted to have the exterior render walls cleaned and protected to present the home in peak condition for guests.

Upon inspecting the render on the multi-story home, we noted moss growth and dark green algae stains prevalent on the shady, northern-facing walls, as well as white hard water stains along the top of the render from runoff. The render material was a medium-textured acrylic coat, in good condition but lacking protection from the elements.

We recommended a soft washing process using algae remover, moss killer, and hard water stain remover chemicals. Along with a protective acrylic sealant to deter future growth and staining. This would effectively clean the render without damaging the material or forcing water into the walls. Given the home’s size and render issues. We estimated the cleaning and sealing process would take 3-4 days with a team of 3 professional cleaners. The Smiths appreciated our thorough assessment and that we took the time to explain the pros and cons of soft washing vs. pressure washing for render.

On the scheduled service dates, we arrived with all necessary equipment and chemicals. To protect windows, doors, and the home’s internal furnishings, we covered any external openings and surfaces in the proximity of the cleaning. We then applied the specific removers to each affected render area, softly washing and scrubbing as needed. Once all algae, moss, and stains were eliminated. We rinsed the render with water and a reaction neutraliser chemical to stop any remaining cleaning product activity.

With the render now clean, we applied two coats of acrylic sealant to protect the surface from water, weather, and additional staining or growth. The sealant dried to a clear, non-glossy finish that maintained the look and texture of the underlying render.

After removing all equipment and protective coverings. The render on the Smiths’ holiday rental was restored to like-new condition. The professional cleaning and protection treatment provides an ongoing defence against the challenges of the coastal climate. Keeping the render walls clean and the overall exterior appearance attractive for guests. The Smiths were pleased with the render restoration results and our professional, comprehensive service.


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