Do you have Red Green or Black algae on your Render?

We restore render to “as new”. We provide exceptional results that will impress our clients, on time and within budget.

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A cost effective render cleaning service as recommended by K-Rend
If you are looking for render cleaning services near you, have come to the right place. Cleaning service ltdis one of the most renowned render cleaning service providers in the UK. The good news is that we offer a wide range of render cleaning services to both residential or commercial property owners.

Specialist Render Cleaning Company

While new buildings look appealing, it reaches a time when they become dirty to look at. Your building’s exterior surfaces may be affected by wear and tear, pollution, moss or algae among other pollutants. If you do not take care of the exterior of the building, you may end up with an dilapidated building before you know it. However, there are ways of restoring your building’s new look, and one of them is by cleaning its exterior. This is where Cleaning Service ltd.’s render cleaning services come into the picture.

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Specialist commercial and residential render cleaning services

To provide the best K-Rend cleaning service we have undertook to study the science behind algae growth on K-Rend. This has given us a greater insight and understanding of what is most likely causing your render to discolour . We have developed unique treatments to ensure that your render remains in the best physical condition, free from both organic growths and any discolouration.
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Professional Cleaning Service

One of the many reasons why homeowners and property owners come to us is because we offer quality render cleaning services. Our technique is simple and safe. Any cleaning professional will tell you that the best way to render clean is by avoiding excessively aggressive chemicals and or the harsh use of pressure washing equipment. Otherwise, your building’s exterior will look older and more damaged than before. For every cleaning job we do, we have specific equipment and methods to ensure that your render is spotless but also restored with minimum damage to the builds fabric.

Not everyone can reach render when cleaning the exterior parts of a building. There are many risks involved, key among them – falling. This is why you must use the services of a professional. Our render cleaning service gives you a safe option. We have trained personnel who handle the hard to access areas of the job for you.

How do we do it?

When cleaning render, we pay particular attention to the parts that may otherwise be difficult to access. Not only will we remove all the stains on the surface, but we will also use products which will get rid of mould, or moss and prevent their growth from recurring. At our render cleaning service, we ensure that your surfaces are protected from further growth of organic contaminants until the next render cleaning is done.

Apart from cleaning your render, we also apply coating’s  which protect the surface from any damages caused by contaminants present in the air. This way, your property will be protected from corrosion as well as growth of pollutants affecting many other buildings in the UK.

If you own property that is suffering from the effects of Moss , mould  or air borne polutants , do not hesitate to contact us for all your render cleaning needs. The professionals working at our  Render cleaning company are trained to handle any complex cleaning job you may have. Above all, we have specialized and proven methods of ensuring that your render remains clean and unpolluted for a long time to come. All you have to do to book our services is to call us directly or send us your query by completing the online form on our website.

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