Render Cleaning Services In St Helens, Merseyside – A Case Study

It’s no secret that we Brits take immense pride in our homes and properties. An essential part of maintaining a building’s aesthetics and structural integrity lies in its external care — more specifically, its render. In recent years, render cleaning has surged in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why.

Render, an exterior coating applied to walls, provides buildings with an appealing finish and an added layer of insulation for weather protection. Over time, however, this finish can be marred by dirt, mould, mildew, grime, algae, and other organisms and stubborn discolourations.

Without professional maintenance, what was a charming and tidy exterior can quickly become unsightly. Neglecting render maintenance can lead to dampness and other structural issues down the line.

This makes the routine cleaning of your render a crucial part of property upkeep. In this case study, we’re turning the spotlight on St Helens, a vibrant town known for its robust mix of traditional and modern architecture. From cosy homes to commercial buildings, these structures all have one thing in common — at some point, their render will need attention.

Our aim with this case study is twofold:

  • to illustrate the transformative power of professional render cleaning, and more importantly,
  • to demonstrate why it’s a service worth considering for your property.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the process, the challenges, and how we did it.


Client’s Initial Situation

In the heart of St Helens, nestled amongst a neat row of terraced houses, our client owned a charming property. It was a brilliant example of quintessential British architecture — imposing yet welcoming, with an elegant facade adding to its character. However, over time, the once pristine white render had lost its charm.

common render stains

Stains had begun to surface, and patches of algae and mould graced the walls, creating an unsightly appearance that stood in stark contrast to an otherwise beautiful neighbourhood.

Naturally, the deterioration of the render was a cause for concern. The mould and algae, potent signs of moisture, could seep into the walls, leading to damp–a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The threat of dampness, paired with the potential devaluation of the property, made our client realise the need for professional intervention.

After much research and deliberation, our client decided to turn to us, trusted experts for render cleaning in St Helens, to revive their home’s facade. They longed to restore the elegance that once was, and as experts in the field, we were ready to rise to the challenge.

If you’re a property owner and can relate to the predicament our client faced, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Assessment and Planning

Upon arrival at the property, we commenced with a thorough assessment. Every job is unique, and it’s our responsibility to ensure we provide a tailored approach to meet each building’s needs effectively.

Our expert team visually inspected the exterior, taking special care to identify the type of render and extent of staining. And the presence of organic growth such as moss, algae, and mould.

It quickly became clear that years of exposure to rainy weather had taken a toll on the once flawless render. Minor cracks were evident, and the spreading of moss and algae suggested that dampness could be a future threat if not dealt with promptly. With a clear picture of the state of the render, we formulated a comprehensive plan to combat these issues.

With respect to the render type and unique challenges involved, we decided to employ a delicate yet highly effective soft washing method rather than the harsh pressure washing alternative. This allowed us to eradicate the algae and moss, remove stains. And treat the surface to help prevent future growth without causing any damage.

Accompanying our methodology, we also prepared an anticipated timeline that was considerate of the property owner’s schedule. Understandably, our client remained keen on costs and we provided a transparent quotation and assured them that our quality of service warrants the investment.


Cleaning Process

Render cleaning is not as simple as it might first seem. And it’s not just a simply matter of giving the walls a good scrub — it’s a delicate task that requires professional expertise and precision to be effectively and safely accomplished. This was the meticulous care with which we approached the task at hand.

Render Cleaning Service showing sample clean

The first step was to prepare the area for cleaning. All windows and doors were covered to protect from any potential splashing, and delicate areas of the property were given particular attention.

Next, we used our specially developed commercial-grade cleaning solution designed to break down dirt, grime, and organic matter. This solution was carefully applied through a low-pressure spray to avoid any unnecessary strain on the render.

Now started the ‘dwell’ time.

The solution was given time to seep into the surface, working its magic on the algae, moss, and stains. We often examined the render during this process, allowing the solution to penetrate deep while ensuring it was not drying out.

Following the dwell time, was our critical soft wash process. Using specific professional cleaning equipment. We gently washed the area, steadily eradicating accumulated grime, leaving the render looking brighter and cleaner.

One challenge we faced was dealing with stubborn deeper stains and extensive organic growth. Areas which had been heavily impacted by atmospheric pollution and neglect needed more attention and treatment. With a few additional applications of our cleaning solution and gentle agitation with soft brushes, these problematic zones started to respond, revealing the original surface underneath.

The final step, post-cleaning, was to treat the freshly cleaned render with a high-quality biocide. This step is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the cleaning process as it helps to inhibit future biological growth, keeping the render cleaner for longer.

The exterior of your property should match the pride you feel about your home or commercial building. If the render on your building looks tired or worn, or perhaps organic growth such as algae and mould is becoming an issue, our expert team is poised and ready to help restore your property’s exterior.

So, why wait? Our render cleaning specialists are just a phone call or email away. We offer a free consultation and no-obligation quote!



The property, once embedded with mould, algae, and grime, stood refreshingly bright and clean. A noticeable transformation had taken place, and the visual difference was striking.

We were proud to have finished the project within the agreed-upon timeline, despite some challenging patches that required extra care and attention. The commitment to our schedule provided the client with peace of mind and minimal disruption, which ultimately enhanced their overall customer experience.

Upon unveiling the final result, our client’s reaction reaffirmed why we love what we do. The joy and satisfaction expressed were heartfelt and genuine. The exterior of their home, they revealed, hadn’t looked this pristine for years. The render appeared neat, fresh, and incredibly inviting.

k-rend render last

Perhaps, one of the most rewarding aspects was the appreciation we received from the client and neighbours.


Conclusion and Learnings

This render cleaning St Helens project amplified the significance of tailored, professional render cleaning solutions. Every property comes with a unique set of challenges, and as professionals, it’s our duty to adapt our approach accordingly. Our methodology’s flexibility — from selecting the correct cleaning solution to adjusting the pressure of our soft wash process — was crucial in achieving satisfactory results.

If you are facing similar issues or think that your render could benefit from a professional cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts are ready to make a difference to your building, just as we did with this happy client in St Helens. Upholding our promise of professionalism and quality, we’re excited for our next challenge.