Why You Should Never Ignore THESE Critical Issues on Exterior Walls

Your home’s exterior part, i.e. walls are the first line of defence against the harsh elements of nature. They protect your house from climate and other damaging elements, ensuring that you and your family stay safe. However, like everything else, exterior walls also need proper care & maintenance.

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In this blog, we will discuss some of the critical issues that you should never ignore.

Cracks on the Walls
Cracks on the walls are a common sight in most homes in the UK. However, you should never ignore the cracks on your walls. Over time, these cracks can worsen and lead to more severe structural problems. Water can seep into these cracks, causing water damage to your property. Moreover, cracks can also indicate underlying foundation problems that need immediate attention.


Fungal Growth
Fungal growth on the exterior walls is a sign of dampness and water infiltration, leading to severe damage to the walls and weakening the structure integrity of your house. Fungal growth also poses a risk to your family’s health as it can cause respiratory problems and allergies.


Algae and Moss
Algae and moss growth on your exterior walls can make your house look unsightly. The root system of these plants can penetrate the walls causing cracks. These microscopic organisms have a variety of colours and cause discolouration on your home’s surfaces. Algae growth in particular is an attractive breeding ground for insects. And can damage paint, masonry, and other building materials.


Staining and Discolouration
Staining and discolouration of your exterior walls can make your house look old & rundown. Various factors such as pollution, rust, dropping from animals or birds, dirt, and water damage can cause these stains. Ignoring these stains can lead to an aesthetically unappealing look of your home and permanent discolouration.

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Why You Should Never Ignore Issues on Exterior Walls?

Ignoring above mentioned critical issues on your exterior walls can lead to severe damage to your property, which can be expensive to repair. And you know that even for a nominal repair it costs around a grand. That’s why you should check and maintain your property to ensure that problems don’t arise in the first place.

For regular checking, you should inspect the exterior wall to look at any signs of wear and tear. Look out for cracked render, damp patches, bulging walls, loose nails, and anything else that may suggest damage.

If the issue is noticed timely, then the chances of the severity of the damage reduce significantly. Having a repair or refurbishment in such cases is always recommended.

issues on exterior walls solved by render cleaning in Cheshire

How You Can Address Issues on Exterior Walls?

Regular maintenance of your exterior walls can help prevent these critical issues from developing in the first place.
As a professional render cleaning service provider in the Northwest of England. And with 2-decade years of experience, we know the science behind these issues on exterior walls.

Our services include a thorough, soft washing procedure that removes dirt, debris, grime, mildew, and every other unwanted thing from all surfaces, leaving your exterior walls looking pristine.

Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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