Welcome to Cleaning Service Ltd a specialist exterior cleaning company .We may not be the biggest and we are not the cheapest ….but what we do is provide the very best external cleaning service in the UK.

We provide exceptional results that will impress our clients, on time and within budget.We have tried to maintain our small company status with company management working alongside our trained technicians on many projects. To the customer that means our considerable expertise and experience is precisely exactly where it’s needed most, at the project ensuring phenomenal results. Also by reducing the amount of staff it allows us to provide our clients with a level of personal attention rarely found in larger companies.We often sub contract to other “cleaning companies” who take advantage of our advanced technique, bio-degradable chemicals and highly motivated and skilled workforce. We believe when other so called professional companies are asking us how to clean something and employing us to do it, we have reached the top of our game.

If you want the best in the exterior cleaning business, with outstanding results, exceptional value for money and a level of service that exceeds that of what you, our client, expect of us give us a call.

Our Vision

Cleaning service Ltd primary vision is to provide a cost effective cleaning service and also to form a working partnership with our clients.

We help them understand what is causing the problems that they see manifesting on the surface of their buildings. We they can provide solutions and maintenance strategies.

By being totally transparent with our methods and chemical choice we can save our clients money long term and they also come to trust us so a strong working partnership can evolve.We have found that Clean buildings also induce a sense of well being for the people who work there. Small things like this can change peoples outlook on their working environment.

Our Mission

Is to educate peole on how to preserve and help protect the fabric of there building…its decorative and protective shell. Through this education and implementation of our softer cleaning strategies. We are saveing money long term but more importantly creating enviroments where people can work more efficently and also feel more relaxed while interacting with the it work or play.

We have some fantastic buildings in this country , both modern and historic Cleaning Service Ltd sees its mission as been to clean and also protect them.


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Welcome to Render cleaning website of the Cleaning service Group. I hope browsing this site answers to some of the question you have been asking . If you have more specific requirements please feel free to call me on my mobile number and I will be happy to give free impartial advice.


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The No.1 difference between and other cleaning services, is the vast experience of our team. The management team each has spent over 25 years in the sector. We take great pride in passing this valuable knowledge to everyone who works in our company, ensuring that our customers benefit from the very best advice in both technical and design terms.

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To provide the best customer support to our valued customers, we offer 24/7 email support! You are always welcome to call our offices during normal business hours, Monday – Saturday 7am to 5:00pm  or email customer service 24/7.

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