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A cost effective render cleaning service as recommended by K-Rend

We may not be the biggest and we are not the cheapest ….but what we do is provide the very best external cleaning service in the UK. We provide exceptional results that will impress our clients, on time and within budget.

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We are committed to putting customers and employees first.

We are dedicated to delivering a professional  exterior building cleaning service whilst  focusing on outstanding quality and value .

We aim to be the preferred choice for customers seeking excellence in service, performance and care.

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By choosing us for you render cleaning project you can rest assured we will work day or night to ensure your building is cleaned to the very highest standard.

We will ensure that there is minimum disruption to your business or family life.  We will strive to finish the project on time and within budget.

We aim to be the preferred choice for customers seeking excellence in service, performance and care.


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Render Cleaning

Algae and moss thrive best in damp, dark environments, so the worst organic growth on K-rend render will tend to be visible on the north and east sides. Organic growth can occur in many shapes, sizes and colours, but it is most commonly seen as a green hue across large sections of the building. There are often a number of key geographical, environmental and maintenance factors that will increase the likelihood of growth:

  • Geographically – buildings in close proximity to water tend to have a greater build-up of organic growth due to wetter elements;
  • Environmentally – buildings next to large trees and foliage will be more prone to organic growth due to tree spores;
  • Lack of maintenance – example where gutters and downpipes are in poor condition, leaks can occur leading to the risk of increased damp on the façade.

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At it’s all about Client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer support and our work speaks for ourselves.



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Welcome to the world of  Render cleaning. We offer a quick and cost-effective solution to your k rend render cleaning problems. Your building will be cleaned to a professional standard, and you will avoid both the effort of a labour intensive job and the potential risk of injury. We have developed unique treatments to ensure that your render remains in the best physical condition, free from both organic growths and any discolouration.


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The No.1 difference between and other cleaning services, is the vast experience of our team. The management team each has spent over 25 years in the sector. We take great pride in passing this valuable knowledge to everyone who works in our company, ensuring that our customers benefit from the very best advice in both technical and design terms.

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